Monday, March 11, 2019

MesCal Marathon (MCM)

Messier-Caldwell Marathon

Adding the available Caldwell showpieces- many within a stone's throw of the Messiers- is a rewarding way to keep the dso hunt momentum going while waiting for the sky to turn.
Here's a template for 40°N, but can easily vary as to when one wishes to jump on and off the Messier track, and for latitude dependent target additions/omissions. This route adds 62 Caldwells to the 110 Messiers. Some March Caldwells not reaching at least 10° altitude are not included.

M74, M77, M33
C28 (ngc752)
C23 (ngc891)
M31, M32, M110
C18 (ngc185)
C17 (ngc147)
C11 (ngc7635)
C13 (ngc457)
C8 (ngc559)
C10 (ngc663)
C5 (ic342)
C14 (ngc869/884)
M76, M34
C24 (ngc1275)

M79, M42, M43, M78, M50, M41
C64 (ngc2362)
C58 (ngc2360)
M46, M47
C54 (ngc2506)
C50 (ngc2244)
C49 (ngc2237-9)
C46 (ngc2261)

C41 (mel25)
C39 (ngc2392)
M35, M1, M37, M36, M38
C31 (ic405)
C25 (ngc2419)
M44, M67
C48 (ngc2775)
M95, M96, M105, M65, M66
C40 (ngc3626)
C53 (ngc3115)
C59 (ngc3242)

M81, M82
C7 (ngc2403)
C3 (ngc4236)
M97, M108, M109, M40, M106
C21 (ngc4449)
C26 (ngc4244)
C32 (ngc4631)
C29 (ngc5005)
M94, M63, M51, M101, M102

M98, M99, M100, M85, M84, M86
M87, M88, M91, M90, M89

M58, M59, M60, M49, M61
C38 (ngc4565)
C36 (ngc4559)
C35 (ngc4889)
M64, M53, M3
C45 (ngc5248)
C52 (ngc4697)
C60 (ngc4038)
C61 (ngc4039)
M68, M83
C66 (ngc5694)

M5, M13, M92
C6 (ngc6543)
C1 (ngc188)
M57, M56
C15 (ngc6826)

C20 (ngc7000)
C27 (ngc6888)
C33 (ngc6992/5)
C34 (ngc6960)
C37 (ngc6885)
M27, M71

M12, M10, M14, M107, M9, M4
M80, M62, M19

M11, M26, M16, M17, M18, M24
M25, M23, M21, M20, M8, M28

C75 (ngc6124)
C76 (ngc6231)
C69 (ngc6302)
M6, M7, M69, M70, M54, M55, M75
C57 (ngc6822)
C47 (ngc6934)
C42 (ngc7006)
M15, M2, M72, M73
C55 (ngc7009)
C30 (ngc7331)*
C19 (ic5146)
C16 (ngc7243)
C22 (ngc7662)
C12 (ngc6946)
C4 (ngc7023)
C9 (sh2-155)
C2 (ngc40)

*This pre-M30 target sequence is ordered to allow Cepheus maximum altitude while moving away from the approaching morning twilight dome.